What Supplements Do I Need?

When it comes to supplements of any kind, be mindful that the supplement industry has a lot to gain and YOU potentially have a lot to lose. There are literally thousands of different supplements out there and the companies want to make you believe you need them (because they are a business and need to make money). However, it’s really important to determine if the supplement a) actually does what it advertises and b) is necessary for YOU as an individual.

Before deciding on a vitamin or mineral supplement:

  1. Do your research
  2. Consider a reputable brand vs a cheap brand
  3. Consult with your medical provider (who can help you determine if there is a deficiency!)

Some vitamin or mineral supplements can be toxic in high doses so it’s always important to read labels and talk with your doctor about recommend dosages.

Here’s what I’m currently taking and why:

  • Vitamin B12 (vegan methylcobalamin) 500mcg spray daily – This is a supplement most vegans/vegetarians are advised to take since B12 is not found in plant foods
  • Vitamin D/K2 10,000 IUs daily – My vitamin D level is low so with the help of my doctor, I’m currently supplementing and getting it checked every few months
  • Thyrocsin 2 tablets daily – This is a nutritional and botanical support for healthy thyroid function so per the direction of my medical provider I’m using it to help support my somewhat amiss thyroid
  • Natural Vitality Calm – Occasionally I’ll take this at night mixed with hot tea to wind down, relax, and promote a restful night’s sleep

What I’m taking will ebb and flow depending on my lab values, what my doctor recommends, and also what I feel is BEST for MY body.

Do you have any supplements you’re currently taking? Or have a question?

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