This week’s meal prep is entirely fall-themed. Some of the best foods for fall are those made with pumpkins, apples, other fall squashes and of course any bowl that is warm and cozy like chili’s, curries, and soups! Here are some ideas to kick off a week of chilier weather (maybe? or is it still summer here in NC?)

Breakfast: Pumpkin Waffles

These are in my meal prep rotation throughout the cooler months. I posted the recipe for them here. You can top them with a little nut butter and fresh berries or jam, or banana slices and pecans…really anything you want! Also try stirring in some dairy free chocolate chips to the batter.

Lunch: Thai Sweet Potato Curry

A quick google search will give you plenty of recipes to choose from. One of my favorites is Pinch of Yum’s Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry

Snack: Apple Muffins

You can search “gluten-free apple muffins” to find a great recipe or “vegan apple muffins” if GF is not a requirement. The great news about apple muffins is if there’s oil in the recipe you can easily replace that with applesauce for an even stronger apple flavor!

Dinner: Lasagna Soup

You can this one at Vegan Richa. This takes a classic like lasagna and turns it into a comforting bowl of hearty soup. Perfect for the fall AND winter months.

I hope you enjoy these seasonal fall meal prep ideas! Only after healing myself of lifelong chronic constipation through healthful, plant-based eating did I arrive at my life’s work as a dietitian. Now, I find an immense amount of joy in helping others simply and sustainably eat foods that taste good and make them feel even better. To learn more about my approach to nutrition, click the button below.