Time saving meal prep tips

Meal prepping takes time. It’s the truth and it’s often a big barrier for people trying to eat healthier and cook more at home. A lot goes into meal prepping other than just cooking the food – it takes planning, shopping and preparation before the cooking can even begin. But it doesn’t have to consume your whole weekend! I’m here to help you cut down some of that meal prep time. You can use these tricks all the time if you’re a busy on-the-go person and this is the only way you can make it work every week. OR you can use these for those weeks that are much busier than others and you can’t commit as much time as usual to your weekly prep.

Check out my instagram video discussing these time-saving tricks or read on below.

Start with a clean kitchen

Before you start to meal prep, have both a clean kitchen and an empty dishwasher. Then clean as you go! Load your dishwasher or hand washing your dishes as you finish using them. This can be done by washing all the dishes you used to prep as soon as you get something started on the stove or oven. Just make sure to keep an eye on what’s cooking if it needs a stir here and there.

Use frozen, chopped veggies

Chopping is sometimes the most time consuming part of the meal prep process. You can cut down on that by using frozen veggies that are already chopped for you. You can also buy fresh veggies that are already chopped like sliced mushrooms or the bags of grated cabbage or carrots.

Utilize efficient appliances.

Food processors and instant pots for example are time-saving appliances making blending, chopping AND cooking into very quick and easy processes.

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