mindful eating cycle

You’ve heard ⁠about “The Diet Cycle” enough. Let’s switch it up and talk about what this Mindful Eating cycle looks like today.

So, how does it work? ⁠

This model was developed my Michelle May, MD. It can teach us how to develop awareness with our experiences, internal cues, and feelings about food.⁠ It helps shift the intention from weight-focused interventions and lays the foundation for a non-diet, mindful-based approach to eating, health, and self-care.

Creating mindfulness can help you:⁠⁠

  • End the cycle of restricting and dieting⁠
  • Gain confidence with your body’s signals⁠
  • Create a positive and enjoyable relationship with food⁠

I integrate a mindfulness approach with my clients (when appropriate) when we’re re-learning how to use internal cues of hunger and satiety, rather than external restrictive rules.⁠

What are you doing to create more mindfulness with food, health, or self-care?

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