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There’s something to be said about focusing only on what you CAN control, especially in the current state of the world. It can often leave us feeling helpless and cases of depression and anxiety are increasing. In the context of health an nutrition I’ve come up with five “M” areas of focus to help ease some of that anxiety and make life feel like it’s still a little bit normal.


Try to meal prep as usual – If your ingredients are a little wonky, use this opportunity to get creative or make something strange in the kitchen. You can also support your locally owned restaurants and order take-out.


Get some movement in – Especially because we’re spending more time at home, make it a point to go for a walk, practice early morning yoga, or even clean a space in your house. What what?! There’s a lot of great online workout resources so you can get your sweat on inside your house.


Consume something other than the news or social media – Read a book, play a board game, do a puzzle, send a “I’m thinking of you” text to a relative or friend.


Reinvest time and energy back into yourself – Prioritizing rest/sleep, doing a 5-10 min meditation, taking the time to pray or journal. Something that brings YOU joy, lightens your mood, and brings a SMILE to your face.

(what) MATTERS

Take this time to reflect on what really matters to you – We live in such a busy, always on the go, “I don’t have time” world. It’s tough to slow down. Here’s an opportunity for you to pause and reflect.