should I ditch my scale

Everyone’s relationship with the scale is different. For some, it’s not a positive relationship.

I was elated when one of my clients told me earlier this year that she was entering 2020 without her scale because we both knew the scale was NOT an empowering tool in her life. At one point in time, I suggested she take her scale with her on one of her nature walk, light it on fire, and leave it for dead. I was partially joking but mostly serious…

Reasons why I encourage clients to ditch their scale

  • With some of my clients, I encourage them to give it up for part (or all) of our time together so we can shift the focus on measuring other areas of progress in their life like: energy levels, mood, happiness, sleep, bowel movements, etc.
  • That constant desire to be a certain weight disconnects you from the beautiful and meaningful aspects of YOU and your life.
  • The number on the scale is NOT a reflection of your overall health and happiness. There is a lot more to health than weight.

If you’re the person who weighs themselves everyday and lets the scale dictate how they feel and what they eat/do that day, consider giving it a rest for a while. Here are some non-scale goals or progress markers you can focus on instead. These are just examples and of course you can always make your own priorities and goals!

  • energy levels
  • how your clothes fit
  • Sleep quality
  • GI health (gas, bloating, regularity…etc)
  • Physical performance
  • Mood, stress levels, etc.
  • meal prepping successes

I’d love to hear what your favorite non-scale goals and achievements are in the comments!

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