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Fiber: What is It and Why Do We Need it?

We hear a lot of talk about the importance of “eat more fiber” and trust me, I heard a lot of this growing up with my chronic constipation, but what does fiber actually do and how can it help? Fiber is the part of plants your body can't digest and I’m here to break it...

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Why Your Perfectionism Is Holding You Back

Perfectionism can sometimes be a good thing. Having high standards for the quality of work you do often helps you climb that corporate ladder or master a new skill. But it can also be your biggest downfall. Setting impossible standards for yourself is a recipe for...

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Ultimate Vegan Nachos

All you need is a few ingredients, a baking sheet and an oven for these amazing vegan nachos. Perfect for holiday potlucks, barbecues, or just a lazy Sunday afternoon snack! This recipe is totally customizable too. You can put whatever your heart desires on top. Below...

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The Role of Seeds in a Plant-Based Diet

Seeds are such an EASY way to add nutrients to any meal! Within a plant-based lifestyle, getting in omegas, protein, and fiber through nuts and seeds is very helpful for overall health, which is why I wanted to share my four favorites and how I incorporate them!...

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Five Steps Towards Eating More Plants

Have you been thinking about going plant-based? Are you curious to see if eating more plants can positively impact your life? To make this shift sustainable, I want to share my favorite steps to take when wanting to switch to a more plant-based lifestyle. 1. Take it...

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Meal Prep Ideas for Warmer Weather

Mix and match these meal prep ideas to create your own unique, delicious menu for the week. Breakfast: Chocolate Tahini Granola Bowl Adapted from The Dreamy Leaf recipe from her cookbook. Topped with plant yogurt, chia seeds, thawed frozen blueberries, and raspberries...

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