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Vegan Kale Caesar Salad

Ingredients: Kale (stems removed, nicely massaged)Broccolini (blanched)Tempeh (crumbled and cooked)PepitasHemp seedsNutritional yeastAvocadoCaesar dressing For a full on recipe, you can check out Minimalist Baker or Oh She Glows or The First Mess Caesar Salad recipes....

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Fruit is Not the Enemy

Diet plans or programs that eliminate fruit to help you reduce calories for rapid weight loss is a HUGE RED FLAG.⁠So be on the lookout.⁠ WHY YOU SHOULD EAT FRUIT: contain essential vitamins and minerals⁠full of fiber⁠high percentage water (some contain >90%)⁠provide...

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How to Measure Progress Without a Scale

Health related goals are often only deemed “successful” if weight is lost. This stigma behind having to be a certain size to be considered “healthy” is thankfully finding its way to the ⁠Here are four of many ideas on how you can measure your health progress beyond...

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Vegan Mocha Smoothie Recipe

Sometimes we need that afternoon pick-me-up. Here's a delicous, plant-based, naturally sweetened mocha smoothie to help! Perfect for post-workout, breakfast, or just when you need a little extra "oomph" to your day! Check out a recipe video here. INGREDIENTS 3 cups...

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What Your Immune System Really Needs

There is a lot of information spreading around the internet about things that can help you boost your immune system (and lower your risk of contracting COVID). But special supplements that promote this are just money down the drain because guess what? Plants can do...

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4 Ways to Stay Consistent Working from Home

It's been a while now since restaurants, gyms, and offices closed down and we were all forced to revamp our lifestyles from within the confines of our homes. It can be tricky being at home with distractions, unlimited access to the kitchen, and no real reason to put...

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