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One Month Meal Plan

This meal planned is designed to set you up for success in the kitchen.

  • 30 pages of recipes, grocery lists, and calendar views broken down week by week into 4 weeks
  • 12 bulk recipes that you can make 5 different ways (that’s practically 60 recipes!)
  • Weekly, comprehensive grocery lists
  • A “Weekend Hacks” page where I explain how you can set yourself up for success on the weekends with hassle-free planning
  • My favorite staples that I always keep on hand to help make meal prepping a breeze
  • A “Frequently Asked Questions” page

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You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to the One Month Meal Plan after purchase. This Meal Plan is 100% digital.

Plant Centered Prep

One Month Meal Plan

    “I love it so far! Got my groceries for week one. You did a fantastic job on this meal plan! Can’t wait to try it out this week.” – Bailey

    Free Five-Day Meal Plan

    This is a fantastic “getting started in the kitchen” five day meal prepping guide!

    This guide gives you a nice platform on how to be successful throughout your buys workweek by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

    Set aside some time in the kitchen before your week starts, prep these three meals and see how your busy week changes!


    What you’re going to get in this plan:

    • Three bulk recipes (5 meals worth), one for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Comprehensive grocery list
    • One week calendar view
    • 5 different ways you can adapt each recipe
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