irish wolfhoud standing on hind legs with it's owner

Let me introduce you to my two little (one not so little) helpers!

From time to time, they like to pop in and say hello in a photo or video so I wanted to tell you a little bit about them.


Irish Wolfhound laying on twin mattress on the floor with someone holding a coffee mug


The guy is our sweet Irish Wolfhound named Willamette (after Willamette hops) and called “Will” for short. He’s gentle and laid-back with sporadic bursts of energy. He loves lounging and being scratched all day long and has become quite the expert at taking food off the counter when I leave the kitchen.


Chocolate Lab lying on green bedding with someone holding a bowl with guacamole and vegan chicken


This beautiful girl is Galena (after Galena hops) and called “Lena” for short. She is our hyper-intelligent, food driven pup with a ferocious sense of smell. She loves doing K9 nose work on the side. Although she can’t reach the counter like her brother, she is often at my feet when I’m in the kitchen, patiently waiting for me to drop food on the ground, which I do a lot. 🙂


granola bowl with fresh fruit and chocolate lab lying down on wood floor