meal prep tofu scramble breakfast burritos muesli rice and bean burrito bowls spicy peanut soup

Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Breakfast: Tofu scramble burritos for him and muesli for me

Lunch: Rice and bean bowls with veggies and a cashew cheese sauce

Dinner: Spicy peanut soup from Pinch of Yum


Step by step process:

spicy peanut soup prep for meal prep monday on cutting board

  1. I prepped the spicy peanut soup first and threw it into the instant pot to cook.
  2. While it was cooking, I quickly mixed up the muesli and prepped the tofu scramble.
  3. While the tofu scramble was simmering on the stove, I prepped my veggies and cashew cheese for the rice and bean bowls.
  4. The soup finished in the instant pot so I carefully added it to a large pot and then used the instant pot to cook my rice.
  5.  While the rice cooked, I wrapped up my tofu scramble in burritos.
  6. When the rice finished, I mixed in a couple cans of black beans and portioned them out into our lunch containers.
  7. I added the prepped veggies to the rice and bean burrito bowls and that’s a wrap!


My fridge and I are now happy campers! Our meals are prepped and ready to go for the week.


vegan meal prepped fridge organization