moroccan stew over brown rice meal prep in meal prep containers


When meal prepping, I try to use my Instant Pot any chance I get because it saves me so much time in the kitchen!


Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Breakfast: Hearty strawberry baked oatmeal with pecans and chia seeds

Lunch: Moroccan stew over brown rice with olives from The First Mess Cookbook

Dinner: Creamy quinoa and white bean risotto with Brussels sprouts and broccoli from The First Mess Cookbook


meal prep monday strawberry baked oatmeal, moroccan stew over brown rice, and quinoa white bean risotto with brussels sprouts and broccoli


Meal prepping tip

Set out all your ingredients beforehand. This will help streamline your process and make you much more time efficient in the kitchen!


meal prep set up with cookbook, quinoa, cutting board, knife, and cans of tomatoes


Now my fridge is stocked and ready for the week!


vegan meal prep fridge with moroccan stew and quinoa white bean risotto