loaded rice bowls in meal prep containers with tempeh, edamame, dressing, carrots, greens

Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Breakfast: Super smoothies with acai, oats, and hemp seeds

Lunch: Loaded rice bowls with tempeh and a lemon tahini dressing

Dinner: Kale and shredded cabbage salad with roasted chickpeas and vegan Parmesan adapted from The First Mess Blog


Meal Prep Pic with loaded rice bowls, apples and peanut butter, acai bowls, kale and shredded cabbage salad


I’ll make the super smoothies every other day to preserve freshness. Here is a short video of my this meal prep from my Instagram page.

I love any excuse to make dessert!

This week is a very special week because it’s my husband’s birthday so I made this Dark Chocolate Raspberry Torte and topped it with vanilla coconut ice cream from Coconut Bliss, chocolate drizzle, and fresh raspberries.


dark chocolate raspberry torte with vanilla coconut ice cream, chocolate drizzle, fresh raspberries on paper with eucalyptus


Recipe can be found here by Feasting on Fruit.