rice bowls with tempeh, roasted potatoes, nori, black beans, arugula, and pickles


This week I’m including two of my favorite go-to meals – baked oatmeal and rice bowls! ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Breakfast: Strawberry baked oatmeal with walnuts


Lunch: Epic rice bowls with roasted potatoes, baked tempeh, arugula, and a lemon tahini sauce from Spice and Sprout

Dinner: Turkish lentil soup in the Instant Pot from Instant Pot Eats

monday meal prep with turkish lentil soup, rice bowls with tempeh and strawberry baked oatmeal


Keeping this fridge clean and organized throughout the week gives me a lot more clarity. The organization starts to wane when the weekend arrives but by Monday afternoon, we’re back on track.


vegan meal prepped fridge organization with rice bowls and turkish lentil soup