burrito stuffed baked potatoes on plates with homemade salsa, purple cabbage on coffee table

Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Breakfast: Super seed granola over acai bowls

Lunch: Kung Pao chickpeas with veggies over brown rice from The Dreamy Leaf Cookbook

Dinner: Burrito stuffed baked potatoes with homemade salsa and purple cabbage The First Mess Cookbook


Saving time and money and making eating healthy the easy choice with meal prepping!


meal prep monday vegan acai bowls with granola, kung poa chickpeas with veggies over brown rice in meal prep containers, burrito stuffed baked potatoes


I’m not the only one who enjoys meal prep Mondays! Here’s a sneak peak into my kitchen and photography set up… plus a glimpse of my two little helpers, Will the Wolfhound and Lena the Lab.


coffee table with camera, burrito stuffed baked potatoes, dog eating one of the potatoes, other dog sleeping on bedkitchen counter with meal prep monday dishes of kung poa chickpeas and cookbook