Follow along with my video for this week’s meal prep here on Instagram.

Breakfast: Quinoa Porridge

Simple quinoa porridge sweetened with date nectar and topped with nuts, seeds, dried berries, and cinnamon.

Lunch: Dal over Rice

Lentils and veggies bathed in coconut milk and curry paste, served over rice.

Snack: Peaches and Nut Butter

Dinner: Taco Salad

Taco meat is made from pepitas, sun-dried tomatoes, and taco seasonings all combined in a food processor.

Note: These meals lay the foundation for my week. I am never limited to just these meals and I always keep extra items on hand for additional snacks or meals.

I hope you enjoy these meal prep ideas. Only after healing myself of lifelong chronic constipation through healthful, plant-based eating did I arrive at my life’s work as a dietitian. Now, I find an immense amount of joy in helping others simply and sustainably eat foods that taste good and make them feel even better. To learn more about my approach to nutrition, click the button below.