Mix and match these ideas to create your own unique, delicious menu for the week

Breakfast: Hash Brown Casserole

These casseroles are LIFE when I’m making meals for the week. Loaded with veggies, this recipe is adapted from Eat Plant Based (I used sprouts frozen, oil-free hash browns)

Lunch: Spicy Sofritas Bowl

SUPER EASY! Quinoa, spiced up tofu scramble, salsa, pinto beans, red onion, cilantro, vegan chipotle mayo.

Snack: Apricot Walnut Bites

I love this recipe! This is the recipe on Food and Wine for the Apricot-Walnut-Date Power Bars, which I made into bites and paired with fresh fruit .

Dinner: Thai Yellow Curry

This recipe is bursting with flavor! It’s one of my go-to meal preps and recipes when I’m having friends/family over. This recipe can be found at Minimalist Baker

Note: These meals lay the foundation for my week. I am never limited to just these meals and I always keep extra items on hand for additional snacks or meals. Check out the links below for more inspiration!

I hope you enjoy these meal prep ideas! Only after healing myself of lifelong chronic constipation through healthful, plant-based eating did I arrive at my life’s work as a dietitian. Now, I find an immense amount of joy in helping others simply and sustainably eat foods that taste good and make them feel even better. To learn more about my approach to nutrition, click the button below.