Health related goals are often only deemed “successful” if weight is lost. This stigma behind having to be a certain size to be considered “healthy” is thankfully finding its way to the

Here are four of many ideas on how you can measure your health progress beyond the scale.⁠⁠


Having a “fit” mind is such a big part of overall health. Consider your outlook when tracking your progress. How are you finding ways to strengthen your mental health muscle? Are you doing things that bring you joy? How are you showing yourself grace and kindness? Would seeing a therapist be beneficial?⁠⁠


If you’re looking for quantifiable results, tracking your blood work with your physician can be a great way to get numerical feedback with results like cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugars.⁠


How are your clothes fitting? Are your pants getting smaller bc you’re working out more consistently? Are your shirts fitting a little looser around the arms? Are you trying to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit you and need to buy new clothes (that’s a form of self-care!)? These are questions to ask yourself. Gaining weight is not always a bad thing! And squeezing into clothes that don’t serve you or make you feel uncomfortable is not beneficial.⁠


Are you waking up easier in the morning? Are you making it through the day without that second cup of coffee? Are you smashing your workouts? If your energy levels are more consistently up, that’s a good sign! Happy, healthy bodies are energetic!⁠

How do YOU like measuring YOUR progress? I’d love to hear about it!⁠

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