how to approach veganuary

It’s veganuary time!⁠

Overall, veganuary is very positive…inspiring people to eat more plants, woohoo! However, it can be seen as a diet and a restrictive way to start being plant-based! ⁠

So, if you’re thinking of starting your plant-based journey with the support of veganuary, here are a few things to remember:

⁠Do your research

before jumping in⁠, decide what’s going to work best for you?⁠ Will you transition with some of the vegan products on the market or try to focus on a more whole food approach? What will you be adding more of and replacing in your diet?

Allow Time for Meal Prep

Eating more plant-based definitely means prepping more of your own food at home. Allow time for this and begin learning some tricks to meal prepping and batch cooking.

Plan Ahead

Planning your meals and making a grocery list⁠ will make the transition easier⁠!

Ditch All-or-Nothing Thinking

You don’t have to cut out all meat and dairy in one month⁠, ease into it, think sustainability⁠. This is not another one of those crash diets that starts on January 1st and fails by March. You don’t have to go vegan overnight to be a participant in Veganuary…just as long as you’re making a concious effort to add more plants to your plate, you’re doing a great job!

Fill your cupboards

Fill em up with lots of go-to snacks and quick ingredients. Some suggestions are things like canned goods like beans and tomatoes, as well as nuts, seeds, and grains like oats and rice.

Are you trying veganuary this year?! I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Eating more plants can come with its challenges. There’s a lot of nutrition noise out there, everyone has an opinion, and it can be confusing to figure out what works best for YOU. Working through these challenges and learning how to easily incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet and lifestyle can be helpful. Working with a plant-based dietitian to guide you through your unique journey and surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are on a similar journey can be monumental. When you join my nutrition coaching program, you’ll get a highly customized, one-on-one experience to help you confidently and sustainably eat foods that taste good and make you feel good. Click the button below to learn more about my approach and see what other clients have to say.