Free Five Day Meal Plan

girl holding piece of paper saying "free five day meal plan" in front of brick wall

I’m thrilled you’re downloading my FREE Five Day Meal Plan!

This is a fantastic “getting started in the kitchen” five day meal prepping guide!

This guide gives you a nice platform on how to be successful throughout your buys workweek by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Set aside some time in the kitchen before your week starts, prep these three meals and see how your busy week changes!


What you’re going to get in this plan:


Three bulk recipes (5 meals worth), one for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Comprehensive grocery list

One week calendar view

5 different ways you can adapt each recipe

sample page (Pg 7/10)


bake oatmeal with five different ways you can make it in bowls with words

What are people saying?


“Simple, delicious, budget friendly and I looove the layout and the 5 different ways to eat each meal”

  • – Julia

“I love the 5 days/5 ways addition – nice to have ideas for variety!”

  • – Lindsay

“Thank you so much for creating this meal plan. I just downloaded it hours ago and it’s simply amazing! And a special thank you for including the “5 days 5 ways” suggestions!”

  • – Anna

“Thank you so much – every inch is perfection! I adore how family friendly it is!”

  • – Rebecca

“This is amazing, Ashley!! I can’t wait to try it!”

  • – Jill

“WOW! Just downloaded your 5 day meal plan and I’m shook! From the calendar to the 5 days/5 ways, you just made my meal prep for the next 5 weeks a breeze. Thank you!”

  • – Carina

“Love the meal prep plan!!! It’s like 5 weeks worth of meal prepping!!!”

– Danica