Failure - you need it

“Failing forward” is what my coach @tony_stephan_ says and I dig it.⁠

Failure can be perceived as two steps back⁠. It can also be looked at as an excellent and very necessary component to success. How do you expect to grow or move out of your comfort zone if you don’t embrace failure as part of the process?⁠⁠

  • Unexpected sickness⁠
  • Short-term injury inhibiting workouts⁠
  • Lots of eating out on vacation⁠
  • The scale goes up⁠
  • Family member or friend issues arise⁠
  • Fun birthday weekend⁠

Are these set backs?⁠

They can be! But only if you’re playing the short game .

Are my clients playing the short game?⁠


They’re building a solid foundation for themselves that’s meant to last an lifetime⁠.⁠

  • No quick fixes⁠
  • No short-term, rapid results⁠
  • No restrictive, hard-to-follow diets⁠⁠

And yes, there are failures and there will be failures along the way – we NEED these LEARNING-LESSONS⁠.

That’s because someone who overcomes and learns from failure has gained an unstoppable perseverance.


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