fad diets - why they don't work

Fad diets sneak into your life through Pinterest, Instagram, friends, family, google searching, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of! Here are the many things that are wrong with fad diets and why people often fail to achieve their goals when following them.

They Make Unrealistic Promises:

  • Quick fixes
  • Fast weight loss
  • Little to no effort
  • Total happiness

And guess what? That’s total bull sh*t!

They spread like wildfire:

One person proclaims “success” and before you know it, people everywhere are jumping on the latest fad diet bandwagon. But not just people – companies start rolling out new products in hopes of profiting off the latest diet trend as well. 

Have you seen this done lately? (Hint, If you’ve seen any product on a shelf with “Keto” in it’s name, that’s a prime example of this)

What Fad Diets Fail to Mention:

  • They’re often hyper-restrictive
  • Rapid weight loss is actually NOT safe or healthy for your body
  • Once the “diet” is over, you’ll likely gain all your weight right back and then some
  • They’re probably associated with specific company or product looking to make a massive profit
  • They don’t care about your health and well-being
  • They PREY off your insecurities

If you’re a chronic “dieter” I urge you to stop! Please don’t fall for another diet trap. There are ways to lose weight, restore your relationship with food, and re-gain confidence in your food choices without hyper-restriction and falling for another diet trap.

What’s your least favorite fad diet?? Comment below!

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