are you getting enough vitamin D?

Yeah okay, I know I sound like everyone else talking about vitamin deficiency BUT most of us (plant-based or not) need more Vitamin D!⁠ It is relatively low in the food supply and many of us stay holed up in our offices all day so we miss that UV exposure that helps our bodies synthesize it.

The National Institutes of Health states, “The fortification of milk with vitamin D in the 1930s was effective in eradicating rickets in the world. However, subclinical vitamin D deficiency is still widely prevalent in both developed and developing countries with a worldwide prevalence of up to 1 billion.” But what is the deal wtih this magic vitamin and why is it getting so much attention?

What does Vitamin D Do?

it plays a crucial role in so many things…

  • Calcium absorption and bone health
  •  reduction of inflammation
  • assisting processes like cell growth
  • neuromuscular function
  • glucose metabolism ⁠

And nutrition research is currently finding even MORE benefits of keeping your Vitamin D levels high.

Where Can I Get Vitamin D?

⁠Vitamin D is produced when your skin is exposed to sunshine (UV-B rays) so if you spend about 15-20 minutes three days per week in the sun without sunscreen this can supply what the body needs. The darker your skin is, the longer you need to absorb those UV rays.

But it’s is also in a lot of foods thanks to fortification. You can find it in:

  • Plant milks
  • Cereals
  • Yogurts
  • Orange juice

If fortified, it will appear on the nutrition label, so check it to make sure.

Eating more plants can come with its challenges. There’s a lot of nutrition noise out there, everyone has an opinion, and it can be confusing to figure out what works best for YOU. Working through these challenges and learning how to easily incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet and lifestyle can be helpful. Working with a plant-based dietitian to guide you through your unique journey and surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are on a similar journey can be monumental. When you join my nutrition coaching program, you’ll get a highly customized, one-on-one experience to help you confidently and sustainably eat foods that taste good and make you feel good. Click the button below to learn more about my approach and see what other clients have to say.