crispy rice squares with chocolate topping being held in the air


Dessert: I love making wholesome desserts for friends and family and I love eating them too! I like to keep items on hand in my pantry for whenever the mood strikes. These delicious and super easy to make Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy Treats only require four ingredients. I posted about them here and you can also check out this recipe I used as a guide.


smoothie bowl with peaches, coconut, cacao nibs, nuts in white bowl with spoon and napkin on tile floor


Smoothie Bowls: These are a fun and versatile way to get in a lot of nutrients in a smaller quantity plus you can make them on the weekends and use up any remaining fruit and vegetables from the week. I like to keep some favorite toppings on hand too, like the ones pictured above (hemp seeds, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, walnuts) to make these bowls extra special.


girl holding veggie burger and fruit on white plate standing outside


Veggie Burgers: Or really any sandwich in general. I occasionally meal prep sandwiches for the week but I often like to have them on a Saturday and Sunday night. This takes a little planning ahead but if I know we don’t have dinner plans on one of the nights, I often buy (to save time) a few veggie burgers. I like to pair them with fresh fruit or French fries 🙂