5 nutrition tips

Nutrition is a field of science that is constantly changing. It’s also a very individualized experience when it comes to finding the “right diet” for you that both nourishes your body, makes you feel good, and most importantly is truly enjoyable and sustainable. These are some of the basics that took me a while to really figure out. Whether you’re thinking about going plant-based, already a seasoned vegan, or somewhere in the middle, I hope that sharing these helps you on your journey to better health.

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Keep It Simple

There are so many ways to over complicate things, especially our eating! I love sticking to affordable plant-based basics like rice, beans, greens, tofu/tempeh, oats, quinoa, potatoes, and fresh fruit.

I Don’t Need Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs were one of the last things I gave up as I transitioned over to a plant-based lifestyle. My favorite breakfast alternatives are oatmeal bowls, tofu scramble, and quinoa porridge.

Alcohol Affects Training and Performance

It took me a while to correlate the two. I went from feeling like I “had” to drink every night during the week and would too often overdo it on the weekends. Alcohol not only increases your body’s tendency to store fat, but a drink in the evening can make a morning workout just that much more difficult and you can miss out on some major gains!

You Don’t Have to Explain Your Food Choices to Anyone.

In the beginning, I never found myself saying “I can’t eat that”. I often heard it from other people and the more I heard it, the more I started believing it. Now, it’s a feeling of empowerment to eat foods that make me feel my best and taste delicious.

Answering “Where do you get your protein?”

This used to be an overwhelming and annoying question in the beginning. Now, I like using it as a teaching opportunity. (See this post where I bust some common plant-based protein myths)

What’s one thing you wish you knew about nutrition five years ago? I’d love to hear it!

Eating more plants can come with its challenges. There’s a lot of nutrition noise out there, everyone has an opinion, and it can be confusing to figure out what works best for YOU. Working through these challenges and learning how to easily incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet and lifestyle can be helpful. Working with a plant-based dietitian to guide you through your unique journey and surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are on a similar journey can be monumental. When you join my nutrition coaching program, you’ll get a highly customized, one-on-one experience to help you confidently and sustainably eat foods that taste good and make you feel good. Click the button below to learn more about my approach and see what other clients have to say.